The value of olive oil

Olive oil is the natural oil extracted from the olives and has been the symbol of knowledge, wisdom and health for thousand of years. Apart from its unique taste, the golden color and the fresh aroma, olive oil is particularly beneficial for our health. Research has proved that olive oil reduces the danger of brain and heart attacks and contains various amounts of antioxidants and Vitamins E and K, which are biologically active and can prevent the danger of chronic diseases. Although it contains fatty acids, it is not connected with the increased weight.
Olive oil products
At Siouras SA we appreciate the value of olive oil and offer a variety of packing for your brand, like metal containers, which is the most traditional way of storing greek olive oil. We choose olives from the best olive trees which in combination with the application of the latest certification methods, allows us to offer the genuine greek low acidity olive oil.
Packaging Options

20 ml virgin olive oil capsule

750 ml glass bottle

5 liter metal container