Organic Olives
Organic olives reflect the special characteristics and traditions of Greece and deliver a delicious taste! The organic olives are harvested one by one during the appropriate ripening season, in the most traditional way, without chemical pesticides and fertilizers.
Our products are organically grown, produced without pasteurization, with a natural fermentation process. They have no chemical additives or preservatives and they are ideal choice for those who follow a special diet program with low salt. Organic olives reduce your exposure to pesticides and also it is proven that they have a higher concentration of nutrients. It’s known that organic olives promote brain health and they help regulate blood sugar, too.
Halkidiki variety grows in the areas of Halkidiki and Kavala, has a cylindrical shape and is a basic variety in Greek production, with annual production exceeding 110,000 tons of olives. Halkidiki olives can have green, traditional color or black, when oxidized. Due to their large size, they are ideal for filling with garlic, almonds, etc.
Kalamata olives has its name from the Kalamata area in which it grows and is one of the most important varieties of Greek production, as more than 60,000 tons are produced annually. It can be found in black and blonde color, has a characteristic pointed almond shape and is perfectly combined with salads, spaghetti and fish.