Ensuring quality
From 1926 we’re trying to provide the best available service and taste guarantee along with the quality of our products.
Quality guarantee
Along the years of our actions we’ve receive quality certifications (HACCP Plan), like ISO 9000, ISO FSSC 22000 , PDO / PGI, BRC certificaiton Top Grade, IFC certification Top Grade and NSF COOK (Third Party Audit) certification. We keep up with all the regulations of the KOSHER and FDA organizations.
Finally, we keep up with the CCP standards and the products are Organic certified.
The reasons that indicate the quality of our products and the integrity of our company.
Working directly with the producers.
With this way we create strong cooperative relationships with the results of increasing the productivity and maintaining a high level in the final product.
Always working with respect towards nature.
We always ask the producers to use organic materials with the result of securing water quality.
Investing in the creation of a safe product.
Always aiming towards quality and nutritional value of the edible olive fruit.
Ensuring quality.
Our products have excellent quality, since we have created many safety measures and all according with the International Standards. We follow all the regulations and we’re an FDA approved company with C-TPAT policy.
Ensuring traceability.
There’s a whole process audit investigating the production stages of the fruit, from the products used in products till the final desination.
Investing in detail.
Even the slighest detail can make our product differ. For this reason we’re investing resources and time in processing and standardizating of our products.
Appreciating the importance of water.
We collect the rain water during the harvest, while the pasteurization is done through recycled water which then is used for irrigation purposes.
Investing in the future.
We believe in the development and study of innovative ways in the production stage and for this solely reason we’ve invested in a lab creation.