Vegetables & Delicacies

Vegetables and spices are an integral part of the Mediterranean diet. Vegetables such as green and red peppers are rich sources of nutrients, others such as pickles have a strong, sour taste and can be stored for a long time. The diet is complemented by spices, such as capers, which in addition to the special taste have healing properties and uses. Our variety is completed by the vine leaves in a jar, used in the traditional dolmades, which have few calories and increased nutritional value.
Siouras SA packages and trades specific species of processed vegetables, such as:

  • caper
  • green Macedonian peppers
  • vine leafs
  • grilled red peppers
  • pickles
  • garlic clove – garlic paste
  • sun-dried tomato, sun-dried tomato paste

We offer a wide
packaging variety

Metal Tin

Plastic Bucket

Glass Jar