The company
Our company was founded in 1926 with the exclusive purpose the production of excellent quality Greek table olives. It is situated in the A’ Industrial Area of Volos, one of the richest regions in olive production in Greece, between the famous mountain of Pelion and the sea. The company is a privately owned runned by the third generation, which is combining the tradition and the experience of the technology and the new ideas.

The factory is in a privately owned land of 15.000 sq.m, with the latest technology in the field of the elaboration of olives. In our plant, we have underground storage tanks, it is well equipped with modern machinery and in combination with the highly experienced of more than 60 employees, we can process annually more than 20.000 tons of excellent quality Greek olives providing safety packaging and service.

Our route to success
Established in Agria, Volos, Greece
1930 – 1950
Exporting olives to the world
Modern Factory in Agria with fermentation tanks
1967 – 1990
Siouras SA becomes a global market Leader
Moved to the Industrial Zone A of Volos, invested in modern machinery and trained personnel
Third Generation is making the impossible – possible. Top Quality is guaranteed through systems developed
Siouras Company since 1926 invests in introducing Greek Olives around the world.We combine many decades of experience with intensive technical and academic knowledge to success in worldwide market & internation sales.

Our aim is to deliver a premium product in different packaging.We pack our olives for Main Supermarket Groups in private label and in our Branded Lines,we pack & serve private label for for the major food distributors and re-packers and supply the main olive re-packers who are looking for olives with strict quality specifications.

We highlight Greek Olives Worldwide!
Combining several decades of experience with modern technological equipment and knowledge, our aim is to succeed in the global market and in international sales.